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TITLE : Morphometry and Phylogeography of hoenybees and stingless bees in India.

Funded by: Department of biotechnology, New Delhi

Outcome of the entire project
  • 1) Document species, subspecies, and ecotypes of honeybees (Apisdorsata, A. cerana, A. florea) from different nine agro-climatic zones of Maharashtra through Morphometric and Biotechnological tools.
  • 2) Determine genetic and Phylogenetic relationships among populations of honeybees occurring in Maharashtra using microsatellite markers and mitochondrial genes.
  • 3) Collection of honeybees from Maharashtra region and send them to UAS Dharwad for morphometric studies.
  • 4) Other centers involved in this studies are: University of Agricultural Sciences, dharwad, Karnataka ( Lead Centre), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani, Kerala, Calicut University, Calicut, Kerala, Andhra University, Visakhaptnam, Andhra Pradesh, Vidyaprtishthan’s School of biotechnology, Baramati, Maharashtra, Sher-e-kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and technology, Jammu, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam.
Highlights/ Significant achievement (s)
  • 1. Protocol development for the COXII gene amplification and SSR markers used for PCR amplification for characterization of allelic differences in honey bees study.
  • 2. Honey bees species are collected from different agro-climatic zones within Maharashtra and preserved at VSBT.

Specific deliverable(s)
  • 1. VSBT is one of the centers for this study which represents Maharashtra State. This type of work is not published before on these three species of honey bees.
  • 2. Capacity building development for the SSR studies for finding out the allelic and phylogenetic analysis for the honey bees.
  • Monograph on 'Morphometry and Phylogeography of Honey bees and Stingless Bee in India', supported by DBT, India. Subject - 'Genetics diversity and phylogeography of Apisdorsata, Apisflorea and ApiscerenaFabricius'.
Human Resource: Project Students.
Experimental work giving full details of experimental set up, methods adopted, data collected supported by necessary tables, charts, diagrams, photographs etc.
List of selected grids in Maharashtra
Sr.No. Name Of Place Agro-climatic zone
1DapoliSouth Konkan Coastal Zone
2 Vengurla South Konkan Coastal Zone
3 Dahanu North Konkan Coastal Zone
4 Alibaug North Konkan Coastal Zone
5 Mahabaleshwar Western Ghat
6 Ratnagiri South Konkan Coastal Zone
7 Bhimashankar Western Ghat
8 Nashik Transition Zone II
9 Baramati Transition Zone I
10 Latur Scarcity zone
11 Aurangabad Assured rainfall zone
12 Amaravati Assured rainfall zone
13 Wardha Moderate rainfall zone
14 Tadoba Eastern widarbha zone
15 Bhandara Eastern widarbha zone

Information of grids in Maharashtra, converted into decimal degree.
Name Of Grid Latitude Longitude Altitude(MSL) Temp(oC) Name and No.Of Bee
Dapoli 17.86 73.21 44 32 A. florea
A. dorsata.
Vengurla 17.16 73.99 02 25.5 A. cerana
Dahanu20.1872.811024.2A. cerana
A. florea
Alibaug18.7372.941328A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Mahabaleshwar17.8174.20953ft18A. cerana
A. florea
Ratnagiri18.4474.520428.5A. cerana
A. florae
Bhimashankar19.1973.793319ft22A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Nashik20.1673.852207ft29A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Baramati18.3274.811839ft22A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Latur19.0077.002070 ft29A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Aurangabad19.9975.372033ft34A. florae
Amaravati20.9377.75343 M32A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Wardha21.0081.00767 ft29A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
Bhandara21.0079.01800 ft28A. cerana
A. florea
A. dorsata
SSR marker Analysis

SSR analysis of Apisdorsata using HB-4 marker Ta-59oC
  • Lane no.1-Marker, Lane no: 2 Grid Dapoli,
  • Lane no3: Grid Vengurla, Lane no: 4. Grid Dahanu,
  • Lane no: 5.Grid Alibaug, Lane no: 6 Grid Mahabaleshwar,
  • Lane no: 7. Grid Ratnagiri, Lane no: 8.Grid Bhimashankar,
  • Lane no: 9.Grid Nashik, Lane no: 10. Grid Baramati,
  • Lane no: 11.Grid.Latur, Lane no: 12.Grid Auranngabad,
  • Lane no: 13.Grid Amaravati Lane No:14. Grid Wardha
  • Lane no:15.Grid Tadoba, Lane no:16. Marker
Meeting photographs during project work