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The Place for Innovation and Technology Development

The Biotech Incubation Centre at VSBT is a unique place with a rare combination of state-of-the- art infrastructure and expertise for Research and Training in Biotechnology which helps nurture and grow new businesses by supporting them through the early stages of development and progress to maturity. The objective of establishing the Biotech Incubation Centre is to give impetus to innovation by supporting start-up companies or expansion plans of knowledge based enterprises which have acquired foothold.

Services and Facility:

The incubation centre at VSBT provides furnished laboratories with shared facilities and administrative support to Bio-Pharma and Agri-Biotech oriented enterprises and occupies a spacious area of 50 acres in Baramati. Contract research services are provided here.

The state-of-the art infrastructure at VSBT supports:

Molecular Biology: Commercial production of plasmids- scale up, isolation and purification, novel endophtyes identification and plasmid isolation; Vectors- designing and supply; Medical genetics, karyotyping, DNA fingerprinting; cDNA library and EST sequencing, gene identification and sequencing, marker assisted selection and analysis.

Virology: Diagnostic virology- disease surveillance in livestock, epidemiological study of animals, cell line testing for virus; BSL-II level facility.

Animal Tissue Culture: Testing of cell lines, media for contamination; genotoxicity studies in mice cell culture based assay.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Isolation and characterization (source medicinal plants).

Plant Molecular Farming: Production of genetically modified plants and plant based vaccines.

Pilot Scale (20l) Fermentation Facility: Anaerobic fermentation and downstream processing, pilot scale up and proteomics.

Administrative Support: Public Advocacy Centre, Office Space, Conference Room, Seminar Hall, Library, Lodging, Trained personnel.

IPR cell and Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Small ideas for big enterprises are Incubated here

Services to relevant sectors and mid carrier scientist as well as teachers are provided


Certified Organic Vegetables, Sugarcane Juice, Jaggary

Tissue Culture Plants

Insect Cell lines

Phytochemical markers

Fortified animal and fish feed


Designed a Neutraceutical formulation against Diabetic retinopathy

Novel plants based aqueous extract for rables virus


National: 15

International: 25

Reviews: 04

Books: 02

Populer articles: 15

National/ International presentation: 30

Monograph: 01

Manuals: 06

Extramural Research Project


Research Linkages

Seagull Biotech ,AJ Organica



Schreiber Dynamix Dairy Ltd. NIASM

Rajshashi University , Bangladesh

Queensland University , Australia

Technology Transfer

Novel milk adulation detection test using HPTLC (Schreiber Dynamix Dairies ,Ltd.)

Pilot waste treatment plant for Bio methanation

Novel strain for Bioinoculants production and technology transfer