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Surveillances (Plant virus & Animal disease)

Surveillance and effective management of viral pathogens of Citrus, Sugarcane and Banana.

Production of virus free plants (sugarcane, Banana, citrus) through tissue culture

Molecular and Serological surveillance of blue tongue and Johne's disease in farm-village Animals (Sheep and Goats)

Surveillance and Identification of the vector born diseases in cattle and buffaloes and control measures towards the vectors

Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages against the infectious diseases in animals

Organic Farming

Land & Water testing laboratory

Biofertilizer Production

Bio control

Enzymes from predators.

Large Scale production of Parasitoids

Trichograma production :ATC based Nuclear Poly hydroxide virus

Non-Conventional Sources of Energy

Cellulose to alchohol.

Consortium development.

Microbial culture collection for farmers.

Cultures are maintained and preserved in the Microbial Culture collection as 'culture collection for farmers'.

Plant tissue culture & micro propagation

Production of Disease free plants of Banana, Strawberry

Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Strawberry (Fragaria X ananassa cv. Sweet charlie)

Apiculture Biotechnology

Molecular Biology: Focus of study at molecular level of Indian honey bees i.e. Apies, Cerena, Apisflorea & Apisdorsetra collection.

Flora Development.


Study of Reproductive and developmental biology of ornamental fish

Wet land study and training programmes on Wet land.

Workshops for aquarium making.

Biotechnological application for quality brood stock development

A field trial on use of mixed feeding schedules in fish culture

Studies on effect of neem leaf extract on a fresh water ornamental fishes

Live fish food production for Aquaculture and ornamental fish farming


Uzi Fly (Exorista bombycis)

Development of semi- synthetic artificial diet for young age silkworm