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Ongoing Reserach Projects

Sr. No. Title of Project Funding Agency Amt(Lakhs) No of Scientists Date of sanction Duration
1 Biovillage, Sustainable development through Biotechnology Dept. of Rev.GOI (Under 35 AC independent donors) 1300 01 31.03.06Three years
2 Morphometry and Phylogeograhy of honey bees and sting less bees in India DBT (Network Project) 29 03 Three Years
3 Development of isolation & identification Techniques for Mutans streptococci with special reference to Biofilm Formation UGC 1 01 Two Yrs.
4 Formulation of Neutraceuticals with oxidant property as a preventive remedy against diabetic retinopathy. BCUD, University of Pune 1.5 02 Two Yrs.
6 Screening of Plant derived secondary metabolites that promote axonal regrowth. BCUD 3 01 Two Yrs.
7 Feasibility studies on sugar cane waste with cheese whey addition with respect to its microbiota. UGC 0.8 02 Two yrs.
8 In-vivo In-vitro and In silico studies of Endophytic microorganisms DBT 24 02 Three Yrs.
9 Studies on algae as biological contaminants in potable drinking water plants. DST 7.16 01 Three Yrs.
10 Cultivation of Rose scented Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens) using biotechnological methods. DBT 33.25 02 Three Yrs.
11 Development of 'Chinkara Van Vihar' Dept. of Forests GoM. 42 01 Three Yrs.
12 Detection of Vegetable oil adulteration in milk & Biogas project Schriber Dynamix Dairies Ltd. 0.75 02 One Yr
13 Biocompatible coating of iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Purification of Sequence-Specific DNA-Binding Proteins UGC 10 03 2009 3yrs

Completed Research Projects

Sr. No.Title of ProjectFunding AgencyAmount(Lakhs)Date of completion
1. Improving the shelf life of mother liquor from dairy waste. Dynamix Dairy (Shryber USA) 0.45 2005
2. Establishment of VSBT as training and research facility one of its kind in rural India recognized by Pune University Vidya Pratishthan 1400 03.02.03
3. Germplasm collection of medicinal plants. NMPB 5 2006
4. Use of mother liquor from dairy for biogas production Dynamix Dairy (Shryber USA) 0.90 2006
5. Molecular studies of streptococcus mutans w.r.t biofilm forming ability UGC 01 Jan 2007
6. Construction of cDNA libraries and EST sequencing of Jamun (Syzigium cumini) and Bel (Aegle marmelos Crrea) genomes Dept. of Agri. Co-operation, Govt. of India. 100 28.03.06 Three Years
7. Synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles UGC 1 Two Yrs.


Name of Student Project Titles
More Nilesh Computational analysis of Non-coding RNA in Neurological diseases
Shinde Prajakta Isolation of Endophytic bacteria for mass production.
Sonawne Swapnagandha Study the effects of acetosyringone concentration and Agrobacterium density on Agrobacterium mediated Gene transformation of Vigna unguiculata
Aher Mahesh Construction of cDNA library from Syzygium cumini leaves.
Barwkar Sangaram Virus indexing of tissue cultured Citrus for the detection of presence of Citrus tristeza virus by RT-PCR.
BhateKetaki Isolation and characterization of endophytic bacteria from Anthocephallus cadamb stem.
Deshmukh AratiGenetic Variation in Mitochondrial DNA of Honey Bee (Apis florea).
Hanchate Shradha Study of Mutagenesis and Antimutagenesis of Calotropis gigantea (Rui) and Aegle marmelos (Bael) using Ames assay
Joil Swapnali Detection of quorum sensing signaling molecule in halotolerant bacteria.
KaleDeshmukh Rupesh Protoplast isolation, culture,fusion and transformation in capsicum frutescens.
Karnawar Ramesh B. Study of Potassium mobilizer bioinoculant production using Batch and Fed -batch fermentation process
Kazi Rubina Sikandar Virus indexing of tissue cultured Papaya for the detection of presence of Papaya ring spot virus by RT-PCR.
Kharade Harshavardhan Construction of cDNA library from Syzygium cumini leaves.
Kulkarni Omkar Construction of cDNA library from Aegel marmelos (Bael) fruit.
Maniyar Priya Quorum sensing detection in bacterial endophytes.
Mirji Gauri Study the effects of acetosyringone concentration and Agrobacterium density on Agrobacterium mediated Gene transformation of Glycine max.
Mundada Pankaj Construction of cDNA library from Aegel marmelos (Bael) seeds.
Kaur Amanpreet Sidhu Isolation, identification of chick's primordial germ cells and their transfection via electroporation
Sonawane Pooja Allele Heterozygosity of Honey Bee (Apis cerena) using Microsattelite Loci.
Bazaz Ajay Autar Krishen Callus initiation and Suspension culture of Nux vomica
Aher Shailesh Rajendra Development and Characterization of Honeybee cell line
Chavan Nilesh Subhashrao Development and Characterization of Honeybee cell line
Deshmukh Amit Construction of information database of biomaterials
Gosavi Abhijit Arun Isolation and Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Adipose Tissues
Gurjar Angha Ashok Screening And Comparative Analysis Of Distinct Chemotypes of Autoinducers
Jadhav Shilesh Identification and screening of metallothionein proteins from Cyanobacteria spp
Jamdar Mayur Kantilal Photocatalytic Treatment Of Dye Polluted Water Using Semiconductors
Joshi Tushar Chandrashekhar Callus initiation and Suspension culture of Syzygium cumini
Mane-Patil Amit Maruti Screening of Microorganisms for High Cellulase production
Manve Snehal Appaso Callus initiation and Suspension culture of Withania somnifera
Mhaske Tushar Maruti Enrichment and Enhancement of Lactoferrin Activity in Milk Products
Naikwadi Yogesh Shahaji Cloning and characterization of Chalcone synthase gene from Syzygium cumini
Palwe Snehal Rameshwar Biofilm forming ability of major plant pathogens (Bacterial)
Patil Amol Sukhdev Isolation, Preservation and Stock Development of Honeybee Virus - Sacbrood Virus
Pawar Ketakee Ganesh Nano Based Fertilizers
Pingale Ajit Laxman Regeneration of damaged axon using herbal plant extracts.
Sable Ganesh Savlaram Enrichment and Enhancement of Lactoperoxidase Activity in Milk Products
Salunkhe Sameer Jagnnath RNA isolation and c-DNA library construction from Calotropis gigantea
Salwe Sukeshani Siddhartha Cloning and characterization of Putrescine n-methyl transferase gene from Aegle marmalos.
Shah Ruchira Ganwant Screening of Cyanobacteria spp. for bionanoparticle synthesis
Unni Manu Krishnan Chloroplast Trasformation of Pelargonium graveolens
Vasgadekar Neha Ravindra Isolation and Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Umbilical Cord Tissues
Wahul Abhipradnya Bipeen Microencapsulation of Rhizobium by emulsion technique and study its stability
Ms. Asawari Thaksen Gorane Development of Polyclonal Antiserum in rats (wister rats) against sunflower mosaic virus infecting sunflower in Maharashtra
Mr. Swapnil Sukhdeo Gite Protein progiling and assesment of Wheat Sprout juice
Ms. Carmeline Aloysius Dive Phylogenetic analysis, isolation and efficacy testing of Bacteriophages against multiple drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
Ms. Ashwini Suresh Bhoite Immunoinformatic approach to find vaccine candidats against malaria targeting sporozoite and erythrocyte stages of plasmodium lifecycle
Ms. Neha Ashok Bhise Optimization of Alginate production by Azotobacter vinelandii using industrial waste and By-products
Ms. Rutuja V. Bhalerao Production of Electricity and ethanol in Mediated Microbial Fuel Cell
Ms. Madhura Satish Bhagwat Screening of secondary metabolites from in vitro and in vivo cultures of Medicinal plants
Ms. Akansha Ashwin Limbanna eDNA library construction and expression of Rosmarinic acid synthase from Ocimum Sanctum
Ms. Pranjal S. Ausekar Gene profiling of Tick Salivery Gland
Mr. Abhay Ramji Uthale Rationale drug designing against immune complexes and inflammation mediator in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Mr. Suhas S. Gore Process development for treatment and energy recovery form paper industry waste
Ms. Kavita Nandkumar Hadawale Evaluation and Assessment of Violacein Bacterial pigment as Apoptosis inducer in Jurkat E61 Cell Line
Mr. Parmeshwar Motilala Jadhav Production of ethanol from cotton microdust by simutanious saccarification and Hydrolysis
Mr. Umesh A. Jadhav Application of bacteriophage sanitization to combat fecal pollution
Mr. Nitin Uttam Kamble Profiling of Tick Salivary Gland Proteins
Mr. Mangesh Shivaji Kshirsagar Purification, Identification and Characterization of Antibacterial peptide from Honey
Mr. Pratik Mukund Langarkande Expression of Rabies Virus Glycoprotein Gene in Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) Leaves
Mr. Madrewar Sagar D Lab Scale production and Formulation of Pullulan as Film forming agent
Ms. Kalyani Sanjay Patankar Molecular Cloning of Chalcone synthase Gene from Syzygium cumini
Ms. Vinita Shuban Raina HPTLC separation of antibacterial compound from Medicinal Mushroom
Mr. Pawan Rajesh Rojekar Cloning of Dihydroflavanol-4-reductase gene from Phyllanthus emblica
Mr. Nikhil M. Shriwastav Development of sustainable aquaculture A case study of Naroli village water tank
Bankar Rohini Isolation, Characterization & production of thermostable protease's from thermophilic bacteria
Barshetty Harshada J. Studies on Synthiesis of TiO2 by chemical method and it's photocatalitic activities
Bhoite Aswini S. Studies on Iron Remediation in cyanobacteria
Bhol Rahulkumar R. Isolation of amylase from thermophilic bacteria
Bhosale Manojkumar S. Construction of carbohydrate database
Birla Bhagyashri S. screening of secondary metabolites of plants for nerve regeneration
Chaphalkar Anushree R. Phylogenetic analysis of lux A & lux S protiens from quorum sensing bacteria
Dabhade Shrikant S. Construction of vector database
Dandage Rohan A. Coating of Iron nanoparticles with biocompartible materials
Dhandore Vishakha A. Micropropagation and biochemical analysis of curcuma amada
Gite Swapnil S. Studies on large scale production of bioinnoculants
Hinge Sandip R. Studies on microflora from milk of goat for pro biotics
Jadhav Umesh A. Studies on optimization of vitamin B12 production by using propioni bacteria
Jagtap Monali P Studies on Synthiesis of nano particles of silver from leaf extract of bambo
Kambale Nitin U. Optimization of cyano bactreia for iron remidiation
Kawade Krishna P. Production of Vitamin B12 by solid state fermentation
Khamkar Pallavi Standardization of Isolation tech. for vitamin B12
Kshirsagar Mnangesh S. Evaluation of potential of goat milk for the production of pro biotics
Lad Amruta P. Studies on micorrhizal association in medicinal plants
Madrewar Sagar Studies on drosophila species for mutant variation
Patwardhan Dhruti G. Isolation and production of Zaragoic acid from coprophilus fungi
Rindhe Vinod A. Effect of 20 HE on hemocytes of silkworm in invitro conditions
Sakat Shraddha B. Production of tannase from aspergillus niger
Shedge Neha A. Phyto remidiation of sewage water by rhizosphere treatment
Shrivastav Nikhil M. Identification of gram positive endophytes by 16 S RNA analysis
Tarar Abhijeet K. Synthsis of silica coated iron nanoparticles by sol- gel method
Vairagkar Uttara S. Characterization of mesenchymal stemcells from human umbilical cord
Anpat Arjun In-Silico Studies of Tetrahyromethanopterin Methyltransferase and its implementation for Enhanced Methane Production in methanogens.
Bansode Yashwant Evaluation of Teratogenic activity of anti AIDS and TB Drugs on chick embryogenesis.
Barahikar Manish Susceptibility of silkworm haemocytes primary cultures on Bombyx mori nucleopolyhydro virus. (BmNPV).
Chavan Amar Production of ethanol from agricultural biomass substrate.
Darute Aniket Effect of different concentration of sucrose on The micropropagation of strawberry for drought resistance.
Ghongane Priyanka Isolation and study of oil degrading microorganisms.
Gitte Rahul Studies on the potential use of lignocllulolisic agricultural waste for alcohol production using microorganisms.
Holkar Ketaki Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity and oxidant potential of flvonoids from Vitex negundo (Nirgudi).
Jagtap Pooja Evaluation of mutagenic and anti-mutagenic potential of Caltropis ggiganea (Rui) flower and roots.
Kadam Suraj Study of antioxidants from medicinal plants and its role on as immunity modulator.
Kate Mayur Insilico studies of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase mutants in heamolytic anemia.
Kendre Gajanan Biofilm production by oral microflora and its control in padiatric cancer patients under radiotherapy treatment.
Kunjir Mayuresh Antioxidative Flavonoids: Plant Secondary Metabolites As Aldose Reductase Inhibitors.
Patil Amruta Induction of somatic embryogenesis in Strychnos nux-vomica.
Pawar Amit Uses of plant extract as a microbial media components.
Phalle Bhagyashree Evaluation of effect of siderophore on diseases caused due to high concentration of iron.
Pund Anagha Evaluation of toxic effects of heavy metals on the development of chickembryo.
Saraf Bhagyashree Rapid Diagnosis of Thalassemia.
Sarwade Rucha Bioelectricity production using Microbial Fuel Cell.
Tamboli Habeeb Micropropogation of Leuceana leucocephala by axillary bud culture technique.
Vyawahare Kishor Development of cell-line from hematocytes of silkworm, Bombyx mori.
Aher Abhishek Taterao Epitope prediction & comparative analysis of Plasmodium species (p. falciparum p. vivax & p.malariae)
Anande Govardhan Bhagwan Cost effective production of baker's yeast by optimizing growth conitions
Bagal Meera Shankar Remediation of water containing pentachlorophenol by employing immobilized cell suspension culture
Bhabad Vrushali Rajendra Amicro propagation of vitis vinifera variant pione grapes and study of disease on leaf of vitis vinifera variant pione grapes
Borawake Ketki Anil Molecular identification of Endophytic fungi isolated from Cucumis sativus with potential antinematodal property Against Root knot Nematode
Darade Shubhangi Bapurao Isolation, Biochemical characterization of staphylococcus aureus, etiological agent of mastitis, isolated from milk sample and determination of antibacterial activity of herbal extract
Depolkar Rutuja Gajanan Detecting the role of selenoproteins in epileptic seizures
Dnyane Pooja Avinash Protein Structure homology modeling, active site prediction and potential drug targeting of Koebnerisin (S100A15)
Dodal Shivani Vijay Isolation and Purification of Endonuclease from Aspergillus Oryzae
Gadhekar Rahul Prakash To study the role of protozoa in inactivation of viruses in water using tetrahymena thermophila
Ghotane Harshada Synthesis of L-aspartic acid using immobilized E. coli cells In polyacry; amide gel.
Iyer Peenal Sai Laxman Gene silencing of PCOS using RNA interference
Jadhao Sudhir Shriram Production of alchohol from cotton microdust
Kotambkar Mayuri kishor Isolation and purification of antimicobial peptides from endophytic bacteria
Madkar Abhijit Shrenik Phytochemical as antioxidant on ROS/RNS mediated aging in Poecila reticulata
Mali Rashmi Suresh To cultivate wolbachia and test its insecticidal activity
Mane Asha Ganpatrao Screening of Maize Seed Proteins for their Antifungal Activity
Momin Karishma Shakil Isolation and characterization of Mesenchymal Stem cells from umbilical cord
More Sonali Arun Analysis of impact of SNP`S on protein structure and function in diabetes
Newale Kalyani Sunil Prediction of Immunogenic epitope of envelope glycoprotein of ebola virus
Patel Nusarat Aslam Isolation , Purification and characterization of collagen type- V from umbilical cord by salt precipitation method
Patil Shekhar Prakash Maintenance of Vero cell line and effect of Antipyretic drug on it.
Rathod Sachin Surybhan Fusion between immunoglobulin secreting and non secreting myeloma cell line.
Shikalgar Shahista Asafali Identification and Characterization of Effective Protins from Honey.
Shinde Rajesh Diliprao Evaluation of oxidative stress marker in pathogenesis of vitiligo
Shirke Priyanka Vijay Isolation of Dictyostelium from natural habitat and study of life cycle
Sonwane Yugandhara A. Micropropagation of Leucacena leucocephela kx2
Tandale Aditi Yeshwant Colocasia esculenta: A cost -effective remedy Against urinary tract infections
Thorat Pratima Ravindra Pink Pigmented facultative methylotrophs as a potential bioinoculant for the growth and yield of Glycine Max (Soyabean)
Tidke Pradeep Raghunathrao Synthesis and Applications of TiO2 Nanoparticle
Yede Prasad Bhaskar Preparation of protective Nanofilms from DNA storage
Ghumare Arvind Aginath Isolation & Characterization of Keratinase producing microorganism
Rathod Gopal Vilas Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Solid-State solar cells
Tadwalkar Sphruti Narayanrao PCR and RTPCR based screeing of citrus samples for the presence of viral and bacterial pathogen
Shinde Madhuri Bhagwat Micropropagation of sugarcane variety C092005 through shoot tip culture
Dnyane Pooja Avinash Study of Growth Patterns of Micro-organisms
Ghotane Harshada Rajendra Bioethanol production from lignocellulosic waste
Kotambkar Mayuri Kishor Studies on Potential of Hydrocarbon Degrading Bacteria
Mane Asha Ganpatrao Purification of Metal Contaminated Water by Zoogloea Ramigera
Anande Govardhan Bhagwan Screening of Dead Carrier for Trichogramma for Control of Army Worm
More Sonali Arun Characterization And Biochemical study of Endophytes
Tidke Pradeep Raghunathrao Synthesis And Application of Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) Nanoparticles
Yede Prasad Bhaskar Lanthanum Nanoparticles Synthesis And Study of their Characterization And Application
Aher Abhishek Taterao Evaluation of Medicinal Plant Extract As Mosquito Repellent
Bhaskare Pallavi Fermentation of sawdust for alcohol production by using bacterial lignacellulases and Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jadhav Anjali Investigating the cryoprotective function of capsular polysaccharide of endophytic bacterial spp.
Kharche Shalmali Isolation of lactoperoxidase from goat cheese
Padhya Ira Phylogenetic analysis of calcitonin from vertebrates
Hingole Swapnil Madhavrao Study of tulsi pollen for their medicinal values.
Sargar Shital Sayaji Bioleeching of arsenic using thiobasidus bacteria
Bhaskare Pritam Vijaykumar Tumour growth of cancerous cell
Bopche Lokesh Puranlal Study of Nano particles
Kurode Pranav Milind To move the cells using laser technique and see their applications in Physics
Deshpande Devika Shirish Regeneration of Eulophia Nuda
Shelake Geetanjali Malhari To detect the plant Immunity system
Deshmukh Aditi Prasad Fish breeding using molecculae genetics
More Komal Suryakant Detection of antibodies and their isolation from colestrom
Dahale Aditya Nitin Antiprotozoal activity of lucena leuconia lucocifata