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TITLE : In vivo, in vitro and in silico studies on the Endophytic microorganisms.
Outcome of the entire project
  • 1) Isolation of endophytic organism from various parts of medicinal plant (leaves, stem, root) were done, from that80 endophytic bacterial isolates were obtained.
  • 2) All the isolates were maintained and preserved under VSBT’s culture collection.
  • 3) Isolates were preserved by using lyophilization and co-culture.
  • 4) According to 16srDNA sequencing and phylogenetic analysis the 80 isolates belongs to seven different clusters.
  • 4) Out of 50 endophytic isolates from leaf of plants, 10 isolates were showing significant antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aruginosa, and Streptococcusmutans.
  • 4) Distributions of endophytic microorganism in plants were observed in one of the particular part in large number.
  • 4) One of the significant features is, all the endophytes having prominent capsule.
Highlights/ Significant achievement (s)
  • 1. The cluster exhibiting maximum antimicrobial activity harbors plasmid which is a potential Vector.
  • 2. Unusual encapsulation for all the 80 culture needs further investigation with respect to Biochemistry of capsule and its role in host entophyte relationship.
  • 2. These are distinct subline of bacterial forms as phylogeny dictates.
  • 2. Opportunity to Identify new strains distinctively.

Specific deliverable(s)
  • 1. Microbial culture collection of endophytic bacteria.
  • 2. Standardization of endophytic bacteria and fungi isolation and identification using Biochemical characterization and Molecular Biology tools.
  • 2. Bioprospecting of endophytes for Bioactive compounds and as Biological control agents.
  • 2. Studies on distribution of endophytes in plant tissue and their interaction with endophytic and rhizosphere bacteria and fungi.
  • 2. Computer assisted analysis of data for distinctly unique features among endophytes.

Human Resource:Ph.D. one